“I had the pleasure of working with Marta while at Viacom.  Marta is that perfect blend of excellent recruiting and human resource skills coupled with the ability to put herself in other’s shoes.  Her emotional intelligence is very high and she uses that to build strong relationships with individuals.  Marta is that rare gem that makes time for all and always gives honest and timely advice."

"I worked on a project with Marta at Fullscreen Media and SXSW. She cared as much about her staff’s professional development as she did about their work performance, and mine. She maximized resources and would always listen before offering feedback. She’s as attentive to cultural fit as she is to skill set, when making recruiting decisions. I alway enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to our next project."

Karen Allen, Strategy and Business Development Executive


"I've enjoyed working with Marta, for over 10 years, through our work at Nickelodeon and now NATPE. She is a true partner to work with. Her experience, knowledge, and sincere commitment create a platform for successfully executed projects. Marta has a genuine desire to help people thrive, improve their skill-set, grow as executives, and overall live more fulfilled lives, and her positive attitude about personal development are evident in every aspect of her efforts."

Jeanne McGuire, Human Resources Executive

Julie Marcus, Executive Recruiter